Download aoao video watermark pro 2

Aoao Video Watermark Pro 2.6.0 Full Crack is a watermarking software that we can use lớn insert text, images, logos, and animation inkhổng lồ the Clip. By using Aoao Video Watermark Pro 2.6.0 Full Craông xã, anyone who watched the Clip, he"ll know that you are the owner of the Clip, it would be very useful for keeping the rights patent & ownership of the đoạn phim that you upload to lớn the mạng internet. In addition, this will ensure that no there are people who disseminate và take advantage of the videos you have, the use of Aoao Video Watermark Pro 2.6.0 Full Crack can also be used and proved successful for promoting your blog / trang web you have.

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Aoao Video Watermark Pro 2.6.0 Full Crack Features:
Insert text watermark lớn videoAdding text to your đoạn Clip, rich settings like text opathành phố, rotate text, font options, etc.Insert coypright symbols C, R và TM khổng lồ đoạn Clip.Support scroll text.Insert image watermark lớn videoAllow you add image watermark to your đoạn phim.Over 200 image watermark samples.Support animated image watermark.Insert shape watermark lớn videoAllow you create line segment, curve, rectangle & round shape lớn đoạn phim, you can slao add a arrow to lớn your shape.Comtháng settings - color, width, opathành phố, rotate, etc.Timeline editingAdding watermark with timeline editing, accurately control watermark show time và hidden time for every second.Video effectMake rich video clip effect lượt thích brightness, contrast, mosaic, blur, sharpen, noise, old film, etc.Video conversionAlso as a video conversion software, tư vấn 12 đoạn phim formats in include AVI, MP4. MPEG, WMV, MKV, MOV, FLV, SWF, 3GPhường., etc.Support batch watermarkingJust once setting, you can watermarking all of your video.Layer conceptAll of watermarks base on layer editing, you can create many different watermark to different layer, & you can mix mix effect of every layer. Download Aoao Video Watermark Pro 2.6.0 Full Craông chồng - (15MB)Password: koskomputer
Please use the liên kết bellow to lớn download..Download Aoao Video Watermark Pro 2.6.0 Full Crachồng - (15MB)Password: koskomputer

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