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Temple Run 2 is a follow-up to lớn the original addictive game but comes with a few neat additions. Cool, right? Developed by Imangi Studtiện ích ios, the sequel comes with new features, such as rope sliding & mining cart riding! The Temple Run 2 game offers narrow pathways, rotating blades, and even chainsaws, with newer ones made available in each update. Download Temple Run 2 khổng lồ your desktop PC today & enjoy this endless running game for không lấy phí.

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Currently, the game also introduces a new set of playable characters, including, but not limited to lớn, Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Francisteo Montoya, Barry Bones, & Usain Bolt, just lớn name a few.

Temple Run 2 Online Game & chơi Game Features:

As with the first game, the premise of Temple Run 2 online is khổng lồ run as fast and as you can & as far as you can pass multiple obstacles. You must not only escape a group of monkeys but you should also out maneuver a demonic ape. It is your goal to lớn get away with the idol you stole from the temple; hence the name.


Here are some of the characters và their special power ups:

Guy Dangerous – His Special Power, as mentioned above, is Shield, và it helps protect you from obstacles.Scarlett Fox – This one comes with a Special Power nguồn called Boost. As the name suggests, it boosts you forward.Barry Bones – His Special Power is called Coin Bonus, giving you an instant coin bonus of 50.Karma Lee – This character offers the Special nguồn called Score Bonus, which is simply an instant 500 point bonus.

Temple Run 2 New Leveling System

Unlượt thích the original, the Temple Run 2 game offers a newly-revamped leveling system that no longer allows you khổng lồ achieve multiple goals at once. With Temple Run 2, you are only allowed to complete three goals at a time.

With the new system, the only goal that will be deemed accomplished is the 1,000m. So if you want lớn complete the 2,500m run, you have sầu lớn bởi vì it when it becomes available.

According lớn Imangi Studquả táo, this new system enables players of Temple Run 2 khổng lồ fully accomplish objectives over a longer time period. Also, this helps players in increasing their score multiplier. Right now, there are two ways to vì chưng it. First is to lớn buy the tăng cấp called “Score Multiplier” using coins that players collected during their run. The other one is to lớn simply complete the goals throughout the game, which, in turn, will increase your level.

Save sầu Me

If you die in Temple Run 2 game, you will be given a second chance. This is kind of the same with Angel Wings in the original Temple Run but only with the use of gems. That is 1 gem for the first time in a run, 2 for the second, 4 for the third, and so on. And since the number of gems needed tends to lớn increase very quickly, it is best to lớn purchase upgrades for the “Save sầu Me” feature. If you vị this, it will greatly reduce the required number of gems by up khổng lồ 5. Take note though that the minimum cost still remains at 1 gem.

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Moreover, there is one không lấy phí Save sầu Me that gives you the ability to watch an ad in exchange for it. You are only allowed lớn use the feature five times in a single run.

In later updates, when Save sầu Me is used, a bonus wheel will appear & you can spin it for a reward. Guess what? You may just luckily receive coins, gems — yup, you read it right! — and power-ups. If you vị not lượt thích what you get, you can always re-spin the wheel but it will cost you another gem.

Temple Run 2 Online trò chơi Tips và Tricks:

While Temple Run 2 still has the same addictive sầu atmosphere, its gameplay offers a br& new perspective sầu. As you might have sầu already noticed, its biggest difference is the enhanced visual, which gives the game a much satisfactory 3D feel.

Also, as soon as you start running from the temple, you will be blown away by the new environments, lượt thích a mine shaft, that you can explore! Keep in mind, though, that a new place means a new challenge khổng lồ overcome.

Collect Coins

Collecting coins in the game is vital, but staying alive sầu is your primary goal. While the former is great, it can sometimes be fatal. When you have run far enough, the gameplay starts khổng lồ become a little bit more difficult. This is where you want to lớn stop worrying about your coin collection & focus instead on running more distance. There is an exception, though – do not forget the gems! These are the types that you can use to bởi vì stuff like resurrecting your character upon death. It is safe to say that gems are worth the little risk.

Always Be Alert!

Rethành viên, you may feel lượt thích it is easy to navigate, especially when you are early on into the game. However, as you progress & reach more distances, obstacles become quicker. Your best course of action here is to lớn stay one step ahead. By being alert & keeping an eye on the next obstacle, you can easily vì a quiông chồng slide-then-turn when you need lớn.

Make use of jumping và sliding

In other words, use these lớn your advantage, particularly when you are trying to lớn get special powerups. The latter is usually located cthảm bại lớn an intersection, so it’s best to lớn use a jump-and-turn maneuver to save sầu your life when the need arise

Maximize the mine cart when tilting left và right. This will help you decide on which path lớn take when you reach intersections. This also allows you khổng lồ duông xã under obstacles, but be careful when using this if you need lớn tilt one way lớn gather coins or if you tilt khổng lồ the opposite direction when reaching a dead end. Here’s a tip: stop collecting coins once you see an intersection coming up.

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Always start with Coin Value

You might be wondering why– well, the idea is that the more coins you gather, the faster you can unlock new characters & skills! As such, it only makes sense to get lớn level 3 in Coin Value before you consider buying other abilities.

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