Rest Api Versioning For Azure Devops

Failed to lớn get phầm mềm properties for : REST API is deprecated for versions v2.1 and higher.

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Is this a new situation from facebook, any suggestion...


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I just downloaded this module for the first time today, and am too getting the same error.

Facebook PHPhường SDK (v.3.2.3)fb (7.x-3.4)


fb_devel_fb =>... (Object) FacebookApiExceptionCalled from ../sites/all/modules/fb/fb.module, line 1638

Any suggestion is highly appreciated...

Can you be more specific as to when you see this?

I.e. what"s the URL in your browser where you see the error?

Facebook added version support lớn their API some months bachồng. modules/fb simply uses the lademo version. I"m going to lớn add a mechanism for explicitly specifying an older version, for things like the REST API.

I still want to lớn underst& exactly where this error appears.

It"s in the status report when I first saw it after installation of the module/fb, but the error message is showing everywhere when logged in as administrator...

Steps khổng lồ reproduce:

1. Download and install 72. Download fb 7.x-3.43. Enable fb, fb_connect và fb_devel4. Go lớn structure -> facebook -> add app5. Enter ứng dụng ID, secret, label, tichồng "primary" checkbox6. Cliông xã save7. Error appears: Failed to get ứng dụng properties for .: REST API is deprecated for versions v2.1 & higher

lưu ý that the error does not appear if the primary checkbox is unticked.

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wingalingadingdong CreditAttribution: wingalingadingdong commented 26 August năm trước at 22:49

The method fb.fql is deprecated, we"ll have sầu khổng lồ use the graph api from now on.

The function fb_fql_query() in fb.module needs an overhaul.

function fb_fql_query($fb, $query, $params = array()) try $params<"query"> = $query; //$result = fb_call_method($fb, "fql.query", $params); $params<"method"> = "fql.query"; $result = $fb->api($params); return $result; catch (Exception $e) fb_log_exception($e, t("Fquốc lộ query failed. The query was "%query".", array( "%query" => $query, ))); FQL overviewGraph API

At first I looked at modules/fb 4.x và didn"t see the error.

For 3.x, I will force the Fquốc lộ function to use the older API version. While deprecated, facebook will support it for two years, I believe sầu.

Dave - really looking forward to an update on this one, and would be happy to lớn help with testing. After spending hours on digging through our custom code, glad I stumbled across this issue!

All the best,.

I had trouble reproducing this, because my newest facebook apps all use modules/fb 4.x. The 4.x branch does not have sầu this problem.

Also, the 3.x branch runs fine with older apps. I had hoped I could change the code lớn explicitly use the earlier version of the API. Facebook"s newer graph api allows you to lớn prefix /v1 lớn a path. But not in this case. This is a Call to lớn $fb->api() and as far as I can tell, there"s no way lớn override the api version. It seems khổng lồ be tied lớn when the ứng dụng was created.

So probably the fasthử nghiệm workaround is to use modules/fb 4.x instead of 3.x. I"ve sầu been conservative sầu about tagging a 4.0 release of that branch. It is relatively stable. I"ll give it a Review & try to lớn tag such a release in the next day or two.

Dave sầu, you say that override isn"t possible in this case as the Hotline is tied to lớn ứng dụng creation but any other workaround as I"d have upgraded khổng lồ 4.x but can"t since there is none for d6. Thanks much for any pointers!

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abdellbast CreditAttribution: abdellbast as a volunteer & commented 26 July 2018 at 23:42

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yogeshkumawat800 CreditAttribution: yogeshkumawat800 as a volunteer commented đôi mươi September 2018 at 02:42