Koreha zombie desuka light novel volume 10

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(updated 17/04)It has been years since my last tương tác with the series, I had first seen both anime, had alot of fun doing so, since the cast had alot of charm, but then, the usual LN anime adaptation situation happens, và after almost 3 years, the LNs are finally available to lớn read in english!Have you seen the anime before, enjoyed it? Then you just read these, you will probably still remenber bits of the story so most twists wont came as such... well dont worry about that, because now that I have sầu readed enough, there is alot of material that wasnt adapted khổng lồ the anime, or that they just decided khổng lồ instead of following that outcome, lớn go in a different direction, so you will be reading and thinking I dont remenber this part!So rejoice because if you have only seen the anime, you have sầu missed alot of great material, lượt thích the full coverage of the arcade in vol 2-3, và trust me some more pretty signifcant stuff._______________ Ayamu is how you remenber hyên, a former human-now-zombie with loli-ponytail-twintail affections that constantly comments about his current predicaments sometimes mocking himself, others having his usual delusional lews stuff going on, a pervert, "not as much pervert as Orito", but still, your lewd likeable main lead. He finds himself constantly re-imagining Yuu (Eucliwood) words to lớn suit his imouto lớn fantasies. Yuu, the necromancer that saved his life, burdened with some weighty powers, the root of her great hardships (the origin of most of the misfortunes that befall to lớn our leads), these are soo burdersome khổng lồ the point she has to lớn keep things in check, by avoiding her emotions and trying to remain cold và unaffected, which may lead some to lớn think she has a bitter personality, but in true she is the most kindest person around, caring alot for Ayamu và the rest of the buổi tiệc ngọt. Haruna, easily teased multiple times by our zombie, never waiting when knocking on the door of her room, trying to lớn see her embarassing moments (it kinda becames a joke, that never gets old). The dễ thương lively Haruna is a pompous masou shoujo (yes masou,not mahou) with an unrivalled genious in whatever she does, when she puts effort inlớn it, likewise unbeatabled with pouring out the most eccentric and quirky refereences you will find, she is definitly a wild one, much due khổng lồ her cheerfullness, the oddball of the series, there is never a dull moment with her around (neither soundless). Her ahoge is very đáng yêu, và the best at signalling her current mood, when she is not being truthfull, no worries, there is always that lil ahoge bouncing around lớn speak volumes for her embarassament, or happiness, which all mighty lofty Haruna of course cant always expose, a too self-respecting Harumãng cầu, an adorable Haruna!! Seraphlặng... get used to lớn the frequent insult assault from the pridefull Sera mostly befalling on Ayamu, và his newly "fond" crossdressing tendencies, there is so much love sầu, & distastefullness from here, that quotting "You little piece of shit, I knew you were disgusting, but seeing you this closely, you truly are outrageously gross and revolting, please get away from me và die! But first try out this food." The funny thing is her most powerfull weapon is her amazing cooking skills which she is proud to show time và time again, much for the grief of our anh hùng that has to try và eat it all, before it melts the whole table!!Sera-chan is your "conventional" vampire ninja with all the style and coolness you could expect from a samurai, plus alot of tsun tsun (và some good dere dere too), she is every thing you would expect from the combination of vampire + ninja, with a very luxurious and voluptuous body toàn thân, to lớn boot it up nicely. We all know Ayamu is more in favor of "smaller hills", but faced with the richfulness truly of Sera's, Ayamu isnt indifferent, since there is just too much bountifulness on those nice curves và cleavage for him khổng lồ avoid beinga looker, và thank god he is a zombie, so Sera can target practice in all she wants, until her heart is contented with. She also supposedly shares a relation ship of servant-master with Ayamu, so that is way she tends focus all of her desires và emotions on Ayamu, but he is a zombie, so he can live sầu with it. From the air-headed tomboyish Yuki or "Tomonori", Haruna's new aprentice, khổng lồ the refined and fierce Sarasvati, one of Sera's trùm, và the owner and true lover và workshipper of Ayamu's "shiny nicely made butt", they are also great addictions on ther own khổng lồ the harem. Not khổng lồ mention Kyouko, the one responsible for the status of the main lead, a tricky devlish one, that cames lớn make amends with her previous self later on.There is also alot more of Chris, since the anime skipped many of the original nội dung.As such there is alot of different characters và types for you to lớn enjoy your time while reading, and alot of teasing stuff too."That ring was made for that dễ thương girl there to contain her powers", spits out blood like a man in a terminal disease phase, "dammit, my doctor told me I should'nt Gọi little girls cute"... Like I mentioned, there is a plentiul of chất lượng cast, & not all are females so dont worry._______________It all works very well in providing enjoyment, the cast may seem generic but each as its own stuff going, that adds laywers of deepness khổng lồ them, it is your generic harem story with a spin of death, action, romcom, zombies, vampire ninjas and crazy mahou shoujo weirdness going about, on paper it may seem weird & trivial, but it just works right. There is not much reflection lớn take from this reading, dont rationalize, just let yourself indulge in the amusing & for the most part laid-bachồng narrative, & you will get your time valued by the kết thúc.The interaction between the characters is what will keep you compelled, since there is no oustanding story or plot going (despite some great twists and turns that really pichồng the story up when it mostly is needed). Thus Ayumu is the key in bringing everything together, the obvious source of the harem, he had to be different from your usual shallow romcom harem lead, và while he shares some troupes, it is not usual to see one lượt thích hyên.The pacing at first surprised me, since volume 1 cover half of season 1, but then volume 2 & 3 cover the rest of season 1, so while most stuff from the first volume was adapted with detail, with volume 2, there will be alot of new stuff looking forward to lớn, from this point on, the pacing wasnt bad either.There is alot of different stuff going on in each volume và I have sầu fully readed four of them so far, so like any story, as its ups and downs.I m not trashing the anime, yes it diverges from time to time, but most of the end goals are the same, & the anime has a plus, Ayumu is a bit more funnier there, his comments are more whimsical, the voice acting helps bringing more life to his dialogue, & that helps later on when reading the Light Novel, since you can have sầu more feedback of own Ayamu badmouths and makes fun and a satire of his current predicaments.______________________________________________So Kore wa Zombie desu ka? is a must read, all the more if you have sầu seen and enjoyed the anime, & if yo never seen the anime, you could give sầu the source material a try, but if you find it hard to get a better picture of the mood, or the cast, give sầu the anime a try first, và it will vày wonders henceforth.I will keep updating the nhận xét since there is no other reviews yet, as I dive further inlớn the LN.

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