Tải Windows 10 Enterprise Ltsb 2015 (32 Bit + 64 Bit) Nguyên Gốc

Ghost Win 10 or Windows 10 installation are words that people think of when the Windows operating system has problems, from serious errors khổng lồ minor errors, just need lớn reinstall the operating system.Bạn vẫn xem: download ghost win 10 32bit

However, installing Win 10 requires you lớn have certain computer skills, as well as many operations, long-time installation. Then choose the solution immediately using Ghost, bring fast and convenient effect with just a few clicks.

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In this article, freetuts will giới thiệu a liên kết for you to tải về multi-configuration ghost Windows 10 suitable for many different computers - laptops.

I. What is Ghost Win 10?


Ghost Win 10 or Ghost Win 7, 8, XP are the same, in the form of compressed GHO or Tib file, this compressed tệp tin contains backup data Back up "operating system" is available, you just tải về -> Bug tệp tin ghost (decompress) with a few clicks is a new Windows immediately.

II. Instructions to choose the appropriate version of Ghost Win 10

1. Differentiate Ghost 32bit & Ghost 64bit

Windows 32bit or 64bit Windows are operating systems Windows , they differ only in limited use of không tính tiền memory.

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Win32bit only supports up to lớn 3.2GB of RAM, if you have up khổng lồ 8Gb of RAM, this operating system also cannot use it all -> low performance, wasting resources.Win64bit supports up khổng lồ 128GB Ram, the peak is top!

So simply when the computer owns RAM capacity of 4GB or more, please use Windows 64bit. Refer khổng lồ the article RAM is to better understand Ram if not known offline!

Or you can see the article 5 ways to kiểm tra the computer configuration khổng lồ choose the best ghost for your computer.


If you have 32bit Windows, choose Ghost x86 version .For Windows 64bit, select Ghost x64

2. Define some kind of Ghost

Ghost No Soft : The ghost does not contain any additional software - Windows Like-NewGhost Full Soft : A little personalized ghost, install Full software support to run Windows smoothly lượt thích Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge, Net Framework, Unikey .Ghost UEFI Standard : New boot standard, compatible with the old standard is Legacy.Ghost litle : Ghost is super light, the operating system is also super light suitable for old machines with weak configuration but still want lớn install Windows 10 operating system

Link download Ghost Win 10 32bit - 64bit