Microsoft Word 2010 has a lot of different options for formatting text in a document. You can configure the size, màu sắc and font of your text, and there are many different options for each setting. While this is great because of the number of combinations you can create, the availability of options can lead you to make too many changes khổng lồ how your text is displayed, which might make it unreadable. In situations lượt thích this, you may have applied too many changes lớn your text and manually removing all of them could be a time consuming activity. Fortunately Microsoft Word 2010 includes a feature that allows you to lớn clear all text formatting from your Word 2010 documents.

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Removing All Formatting From Your Word 2010 Text

it is very easy to lớn go overboard with customization when you are creating a document in Word 2010. This is especially true of documents that are meant for display, lượt thích a newsletter or flyer. A formatting choices can give some character to lớn the document, but too many can actually have a diminishing effect on their usefulness, as readers become either turned off by the visual or simply have difficulty reading your information. Fortunately you can remove all of your formatting with the click of a button, which will save you from having to go back & manually undo your changes.

Step 1: Begin by opening the formatted document in Word 2010.

Step 2: Use your mouse to select all of the text for which you want lớn clear the formatting. You can select all of the text in your document by clicking anywhere on a page, then pressing Ctrl + A khổng lồ select the entire document.

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